Times have changed, you can no longer sell office furniture as it used to be. It is now necessary to understand who lives in these environments, to understand their needs, proposing solutions that are functional, ergonomic and that make life in the workplace efficient, relaxing, safe. In life, as in a well-furnished office, we think that the project is the basis of everything. The more well done the project, the better the result; that's why this part of the negotiation is the one we like best. We take the greatest possible care in every detail, checking the living spaces, the light, the paths inside the project office.

The fact remains that we also put all our care into the sales chain. We are present in the area, we constantly visit our customers, updating and informing them, not only about commercial proposals but also about the new regulations that govern the world of office furniture in the field of safety and health in the workplace. We provide commercial assistance during sales and after sales.

We take care of the logistics, controlling the transport at every stage. Upon request, we also take care of assembly and assistance on site.

We put our customers first, and for us this is the real added value in our professionalism.

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ABACO s.a.s.

Via Einstein, 19

09126 Cagliari

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Iscrizione REA CA-284877

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